Hello satellites


Hello satellites


Hello Satellites is a unique musical project led by Melbourne based songwriter Eva Popov. So far Hello Satellites has released two albums - their self titled album in 2010 and 84000 in 2014. 

Their new album Bright Face is due for release in 2017 through Eastmint Records.


Bright Face

by Hello Satellites

To be released in May 2017, Bright Face is a duet album sung by Eva Popov and Georgia Harvey, weaving a narrative thread across 11 tracks. 




Released 2014 Via Two Bright Lakes

“You’ll take note of Popov’s beautiful voice and feel a slight heaviness in your chest. But don’t worry, that’s just the knowledge that Hello Satellites have crafted a one-of-a-kind album.”

Review of 84000, The Music

“...a tapestry of intertwining melodies and elevating harmonies, resulting in a captivating collection of songs … intelligent instrumentation layered with creativity and complexity, making every moment feel deliberate ... emotion – often joyful, sometimes breathless, always raw – forms a core magnetism for 84000 ... full of life and glorious intricacies, never outstaying its welcome but leaving lasting effect…” * * * * 

“Hello Satellites | 84000”, BMA Mag, May 5th 2014

Hello satellites

Released 2010 via Two Bright Lakes

"This Melbourne pop act deliver a truly enchanting debut" 9/10 - Sydney Morning Herald

"Delicately woven tales of love, loss, labour and the liberal have come together in a completely engaging, poignant and utterly enjoyable debut" - Drum Media